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Mateso J. Ngoja

Entrepreneur, Investor, Visionary, Creator

Trailblazing CEO
CEO of Mateso Store and Bahofu Media, driving innovation in the art-business landscape.
Tech Aficionado
Self-taught web developer*, adept in social media marketing, and enthusiastic about tech, AI, and crypto.
Cinematic Trailblazer
Aiming to excel in filmmaking, directing, and producing, contributing to the world of cinema.
Creative Industry Steward
Proprietor of Bahofu Media Records (BMR), Bahofu Media Films (BMF) Bahofu Media Inc. subsidiaries, propelling the creative sector.
Inclusion Advocate
Strong advocate for diversity and inclusion, channeling both into entrepreneurial ventures.
Enterprising Innovator
Accomplished entrepreneur and artist leveraging creativity to inspire and connect.

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